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Amy's Studio

Hipster Art Doofus

13 May 1970
Hipster Art Doofus, Renaissance Woman, Sex Goddess, Gadget Whore, and Professional Sarcastic Bitch.

The Mood Theme was made by me, I have tried to get LJ to make it public because so many people ask me about it, but so far have been told they aren't doing that now and don't know if they ever will again. If you like my mood theme and want it made public, please drop them a line asking for Moodid 168937 to be made public. The Images are hosted here http://pics.livejournal.com/besspeacetime/gallery/00004wkh however there's something odd about the gallery system that distorts them in this view.

Userpics now have been updated with where they came from and how I made them.


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also you can "fan" my Public Facebook page just for my art here.

Amy-Elyse Neer's Facebook Page
Amy-Elyse Neer's Facebook Page
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